Our story

Turning your go-kart dream into reality

It’s all about serving your, and your customers, with the best kart experience possible, and we seek to live by this in all aspects of our business.

Our engineers and designers have a keen eye when it comes to spotting just what makes a go-kart fun and they know how to fulfil both aesthetic and functional needs as well.

The first DINO go-kart was introduced to the world in the late 50’s. It was hand-made by Finn Jørgensen who succeeded in designing and building a stabile frame which ensured a unique and optimum driving experience.

Since the first DINO kart saw the light of day in 1958 in Denmark, DINO kept developing new ideas and products, which the whole karting industry benefit from today.

Today DINO is still striving to create top quality and safe go-kart rentals, giving your customers the opportunity to experience a real adrenalin kick on your tracks.

Quality, great customer service and the goal to continually improve technology in the go-karts, are parameters we value the most and aim to fulfil on a daily basis. We develop, design and build the go-karts from scratch, ensuring you world class rental go-karts and second-hand karts.

Today, DINO is among the leading kart manufactures in the world, and our constant ability and desire to innovate and think “outside the box” is an integrated and important part of our DNA.

We have the courage and desire to go our own way in every aspect. That’s what makes us the company we are, and what distinguishes us from other manufacturers.