Produced in Denmark since 1958


DINO rental karts

DINO has since the start of production of rental karts
delivered thousands of karts
to racing centres worldwide


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Rental karts

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Rental karts – made in Denmark, meant for the world

We are Dino Kart.

Built in 1958 and has been supplying rental karts and racing karts ever since.
Just like our karts, we are small but mighty.
We offer not only an excellent range in rental karts, but with Dino Kart you also receive excellent and personal customer service from our dedicated and experienced team, who are passionate about our kart building craft.
Whatever the specifications of your track, you can have karts to suit your needs.
DINO low-weight karts suit indoor and outdoor tracks of any design, thanks to their excellent driveability and set up from our specialist team.
Quality karts and excellent service
We use all our knowledge and experience to build and maintain your rental karts, ensuring that you get the best out of your investment.

DINO karts give you and your customers the ultimate motorsport experience – but for a budget that is affordable and accessible. Not only do we focus on the set-up, but we also focus on the driveability, strength, and reliability of your fleet, meaning you can be sure that your karts will remain in top condition.
The service does not stop with ordering your karts either. With our dedicated after-care team we are ready to assist you and provide expert advice, guidance, and technical support to you.
Contact us today to see how we can help your business.

Built to suit your needs

The Dino Kart range has karts of all sizes to suit all ages, and they are built and set up in a way that really allows your customers to test their limits.
As a supplier of karts to tracks worldwide, we have an excellent safety record and a deep understanding of your business and your daily challenges.
Let’s help you out – reach out today
DINOs dedicated team is ready to assist and speak to you today. Whether it is five or fifty-five karts, you can trust us to bring you the best in rental karts with the very best in customer care.
With a DINO kart your customers leave your track with a huge smile on their face, having had the ultimate kart racing experience.
Are you ready to take your karts and your business to the next level? Contact us today to start your journey towards a close and long-lasting relationship with Dino Karts.

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Det ser godt ud i Aarup Gokarthal.

Vi ønsker tillykke med de nye flotte DINO gokarts.

Hvem udfordrer du til en tur i de nye karts?
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2 months ago

Det ser godt ud i Aarup Gokarthal.

Vi ønsker tillykke med de nye flotte DINO gokarts. 

Hvem udfordrer du til en tur i de nye karts?


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